Relives Headtension
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2002-11-20 00:45:04 (UTC)

One man's trash anthors treasure

My parents moved me to a small town before i had a chance
to getoutof school.. althought i was suppose to be home
schooled.. i never was... So after my 17th birthday i was
told i had a month to save money to move out... Apartently
my step mother had already got me a roomate.. ( my sisters
ex boyfriend.. who she had the baby with ) well the day
came and there i was on my own.. i was told i could never
come back.. if i need a hot meal i was welcome.. but i was
on my own...If you recall i use to be daddy's little
girl... i moved in to a one bedroom apartment with 4 other
people. one of the most horrable experiances i had.. but if
it wasn't for the experiance i would of never became close
to my bestfriend in the world... This girl was drop dead
georgoues.. you know those girls that are not only
goodlooking but cool as shit ( belive there are few ) well
that was her.. she was dating a guy that didn't like me.,
nut she liked me and she made it quit clear we were gonan
be hanging out alot.. i had met her before i moved into the
apartment.. but her friend before hated me ( it was about a
guy... read the previous entry to find out) but now she
said she was tired of her shit and really had no friends..
ME and her quickly became very close and spent almost all
our time together...

Alot of time i woudl be starving and this girl would feed
me.. she barly knew me and would do anything to help me..
she was the coolest chick i ever met and here she was
wasting her time with me. But as things would have her and
her boyfriend were going to be moving out of the apartment
as soon as their lease was up... There would go my savior..
in fatc they were going to be moving to missouri ( bummer )

God this sucked the best friend i had met in so long was
going away.. it was like i had no clue what to do.. while
her and boyfriend were talking about this.. they asked if i
wanted to... Oh god if was liek they read my mind.. stay
inthe hell hole apartment or move with them... what do you
think i choose.... if you chose the latter you are correct..
we wen t to missouri and found the economy not to be as
good as over home town..we stuggled to find job.. to eat..
but some how no matter what my friend was behind me all the
way...what she got.. i got.. it was like a partnership..
Soon we could make it anymore and moved back to differnt
places.. i lived out of state and she went back home..
where it was so hard to be away from her.. we talked all
the time on the phone.. but nothing compares to being
together..i moved back as soon as i had the resources and i
lived with her.. we lived together for a long time before
her boyfriend thought it was tiem to get married... we both
cried.. we were not ready.. but we had to .. her boyfriend
joined the navy and that lead to marriage and her ofcourse
going away... she is in californa right now.. but one day
she will come hom.. we talk on the phone as much as we
can.. but we both had a life to contend with... one day she
will be home though and i will be waiting....