Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2002-11-20 00:42:43 (UTC)

Many days later...

This is a bit late to be writing in my journal. But
nothing special happened since my last entry. Well, except
that I'm learning yugioh and I bought some cards so I could
have a new hobby. Also, Animal Crossing has caught my eye's
attention, I hear it's a facinating game to play. Only
except I don't have enough money to buyit at the moment...
Theres more too. I've been thinking about Wendy
lately. But then again, I always think about her and my
princess. Not one day psses me by without my thought of
those two special girls. I know a lot of nice girls, but to
be honest (And this is kind of a secret) but anyways, I
think they are the only ones I've met so far that I
wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with.
But alas, I only know two girls like that, and my
chances of marrying one of them is kind of low. Ha,ha,ha,
I'm only 16. I shouldn't be thinking about getting married!
But my future depends on it. I have no skills at working
whatsoever.... Right now, the only way I think i can be
successful out there, is to find a girl who dosen't want to
stay at home all the time, and would much rather go out to
I don't care what other people would say either. I
would have a hard working wife, a home, and maybe even some
kids and a pet or two :) I'm not lazy when it comes to
cleaning. I can repair, clean, sew, cook very well, and
even find a carrier one day! I would not die as a father
who never provided for his loving family!! No one can
understand what it feels like not knowing what talent you
have hiding in you, just waiting to be found when
everything is at its worst.
Maybe.... I'll write a book one day you know? I can
write the best stories too. Anything from heroism to
romance novels I can do it. I don't know how... but I
somehow feel that great fortune awaits in my future. It's
not a feeling either now that I think about it. It's more
like... a vision in my eyes, not my mind. I dunno, its hard
for me to explain it right now. My grades are low in school
these days. I'm not suprised. I never do my work, not to
mention homework as well. I have two Fs. One in Accounting,
the other in English 3. I need some inspiration, or
Well, that's about everything for tonight. One day,
I'll see to the turn around of all times around here. And
then I'll find the answer to all my questions. (Though I
have many to ask) :-/ I'm sure one day I'll look back on
this wounder " What was I thinking?! " I'll come back as
soon as I can. Until Then, Sweet Dreams!