down in my eyes
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2002-11-20 00:19:12 (UTC)

i woke up in a car.

"I never wanted it to hurt more than it should.."


My eyes are soo tired. I barely got 10minutes of
sleep last night, when my mom woke me up.
I napped most of the day away today. I was left even
more exhausted, after the arguement we had this
morning, too. I knocked out when i got back home. I
fell asleep listening to Sugarcult. I woke up to the
sound of Bert McCracken's voice.
Almost no voice is more soothing. But i feel like crying.

I feel like i need to fall asleep & cry at the exact same moment.

I have work soon. I'm late, Accually. Damn.

"You showed me how
you seemed to find a hole
but I just laughed 'n smiled
Begged 'n rolled my eyes
Even cried 'n
Denied the truth to you,
Just like the truth to me
Mostly lied."

-The Used..