Troubled Goddess

Private matters...not so private!*~*! D
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2001-08-19 04:41:38 (UTC)

Just another day!

Hey G.V!
Just another day today! I was with ron again! (how hard
is it to belive that?!?! I love him so much! I can't
belive that we have survived 7 months with love, sex and
alcohol! Its great living this life! He loves me for me
and I love him for him (and the sexbut that is just an added
feature!) but anyway things are great. Today we went in the pool at
jen and lukies! the water was so cold that after like 5 minutes in
it we got out and the two of us took a bath together! It was so
sweet, he put candles in there and he washed my hair for
me. Ugh! I just love him sooooo much! Well anyway i
better go because i dont want my family to read this, tell
you more about it later.
Love always and forever,