The jerk files
2001-08-19 04:32:23 (UTC)

Saturday,..tired saturday

Well people, today is Saturday and its about 830pm.
The last 3 days I was in the mountains playing my guitar
for worship for the womens' retreat. It went good. Myself,
Tyrone, Mike, and P Jimmy went. We felt like,...a few men
THING) Believe me, we were kinda uneasy at first but then
they started making fun of us and talking to us and we felt
better. We stayed up WAY late and watched movies and
talked and painted our nails and talked about boys all
night....wait....that wasnt us. We DID stay up late and
watch movies though. We went to bed at about 2 something
each night. We watched Bruce Lee movies. COME ON- IF YOU
DARE! lol. Well the drive was short. We got there and ate
immediately...i didnt. (wasnt hungry.) We went and played
and went to our rooms and slept. We woke up at 8 and
showered up and went and ate breakfast. (Eggs with ham,
potatoes and milk. It was a 4 on the ten scale. We had
until 7 till we had to play again. So what did we do?..
SLEEP! Thats right. we slept. We didnt want to go anywhere.
We then had lunch.(PIZZA!) i had a little slice because we
were going out to lunch with some of the ladies. (their
treat) But on the down side, we went to a japanese place
called. AOL,...i kid you not. They made us try everything.
DUDE I HATED ALOT OF IT. I got a teriyaki bowl. I tried eel
sushi. and all this other weird stuff, and green tea ice
cream. BLAKKK!!!OK so we came home and slept. chilled and
later and i mean LATER that night we were hungy, we
went to find something to eat..and in the mountains there
is NOTHING! We finally came across a 7-11 and i went into
it looking for a burrito and,..SUCCESS! i got one! We went
home and watched SUPERSTAR! i hated it.While i was there, i got to
talk to a few of the ladies. Pastor Kerri and i talked a bit. I don't
think she likes Courtney very much. One lady i got to talk to for a
minute was sister Anna Avalos. I had never really spoken with her
before. She is really a cool lady. While i was playing backup music
for the guest speaker, she stopper in mid-sentence and turned at me.
She asked, "What is your name son? I replied...joey. She then
prophecied over me. It was weird. I had been waiting for something
like that to just assure me of the call on my life. Other than that,
We slept and got up and played and came home. I missed my sisters
party. I feel kinda bad. She did pretty good though. Well i
got home and no one was here. All the doors and windows
were locked. I had all my stuff and no way to get
i thought...=) i was getting mad cause i was locked out and
it was HOT! and it was getting to be a long time. I then
did something totally spontaneous...i jumped in the
pool..fully clothed. shirt, pants, hat...i swam around for
awhile until the BOYDS came over,..they are supposed to
spend the night. I told them about my predicament and then
Mrs. Boyd noticed a chain with a key on it. I looked down
in disgust as i realized that after an hour and 45 minutes
of wating in the heat, I had a house key around my neck the
whole time. I even took it off to swim. SO,.. here i am and
here i go. GOODNIGHT!


1. ALOT of chinese people. (they were cool)
2. ALOT of women. (they were rockin out)
3. ALOT of trees. (they were wood)
4. ALOT of old people. (yeah!)
5. ALOT of the back of my eyelids. (theyre black)