My Reality
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2002-11-19 23:36:15 (UTC)


guess what guess what....hehe thanksgiving is jsut around
the corner, i ave yet to hear form josh but hopefully he
will get in touch with me when he gets home for the
holidays...i really want to see him, its honestly a nightly
thing that i try and imagine what a whole night could be
like with him...its so exciting, to know that i am going to
have actual physical face to face time with him is
something that i honeslty didnt think i was going to have
again. i really thouht that once he moved to virginia that
was it that he was gone for good and that i was no longer
important to him if i ever was, and i know that might make
him sound bad but its really meantfor me...i ddidnt value
myslef enough to think that he would hold on to me, lol god
i am glad somebody thinks highly of me...anywho, josh makes
me that girl tat i used to be and i think thats what makes
me so happy to be wth him and talk with him and just get to
interact with him, he is the kind of person that makes me
feel i can be right at home he akes me feel that i am worth
whle and that i am somebody that matters, he honestly tries
to make me happy..and thats so new and so strange to me,
but fantastic and exciting at the same time...whatever we
end up doing or being i am just happy i have found someone
like him...he honestly brings me back to the person that i
really am...outside of family he has been the only person
who lets me be me and likes it....i am very lucky to have
him in my life.... and on a lighter note, god i jsut wanna
leap on him...i miss the way he touches me and i miss the
way he kisses me and i miss the way he looks at me and i
cant wait to see what else he will make me miss.....