Life Of a Single Mom
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2001-08-19 04:09:51 (UTC)

It started way back when

When I was 22, I met and fell in love with what would soon
to be the father of my angel of a son, who by the way is
now filling up my toilet with toilet paper...shees.
Anyways, we met, fell in love, blah blah blah, I'm not
going to get into the sappy details, just let me reassure
you, moving fast isn't always the best thing to do.
Thinking I was smart, we ("him" and I) moved in with my
sister, because I just couldn't wait to be with him ALL the
time. He had a job, working out of town, 5 days a week,
painting. He had been sober for 6 months before we met, I
didn't think anything could happen to "us". I was wrong,
one day, he didn't come home for 2 days, I sent him packing
and later found out that he was no longer sober, and chose
his drugs over me and our soon to be son. I'm the type
that believes in no second chances, if he loved me enough,
he would've never screwed up. I then also found out he had
three other children besides the one he and I created. Now
to be honest, if I could go back and do it again, I would,
I love my son and I wouldn't change a thing. But that was a
lil about me, my diary will soon begin to start. I'm still
single and loving it so far. Just me and my son is all I
can afford to support anyways for now. I'll keep ya

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