2001-08-19 03:59:41 (UTC)


Oh geez..........yea my life is so miserable, I feel
selfish, but if u arent caring about yourself..then what
are u doing? Well I am not exactly helping myself with my
attitude I cant think of anything good right now..wait
there is one thing, I got a puppy!!!Yay!!! My boyfreind
has been gone most of the summer, and he is finding other
girls tempting, We have been going out for 6 months, I mean
I know your not suppose to think about how maybe your not
enough for him..or think what did u do wrong. I mean hell
im not perfect, I dont got that great body..but I didnt
choose to be like this. So why do I have to get hurt,
cause Im not hott enough for my boy, or at least dont feel
hott enough. Sure maybe I need reassurance, but i just
suck cause i need some guy to tell me that i look great to
feel great. I used to feel good about myself and body, but
insecurity kinda comes into play when you go out with a boy
and there are other girls out there. Other girls are
tempting........why arent I? yea I know..my sob story..oh
poor me, half girls wish they had a boyfreind I should feel
lucky huh. I barely got to see my boyfreind this summer, I
compete with his friend for attention, and I am hopelessly
inlove with him. Why cant everything be good for me, the
bad times always stay way longer then the good times.....I
miss the good times...

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