Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-08-19 03:40:31 (UTC)

I'll never forget....

Ok, yes, I AM writin in this for the 2nd time today...it's
true....I'm pathetic!haha:) What can I say? I'm bored.
I just got to thinkin today again about my friends...and
the things they've done for me (ok, just in case you were
wondering...the answer is YES, right now, I am a basket
case, and that is making me just a little bit sentimental:)
I just wanted to take the time out to remember some of the
things that my friends have done for me...that I will never

I'll never forget the parent-teacher conference this year.
Gabe and I had had a really big fight that week, and he
said something to me that night on the phone that made me
so upset. I was almost in tears, but the worst part about
it is, I couldnt go anywhere..I was workin the PTC! So, Vee
comes over, knowing what Gabe had just done, and tells me
to go out to the car...and she'll take care of things. She
knew how much I was hurting..and she was there for me.

Then, there was the snow-flake dance, Sam had just told me
that he liked someone else...instead of me. I was so upset,
and for him to tell me so bluntly...but Amy made eveyrthing
better. She tried her best to do everything in the world to
comfort me...and it worked. I love her.

I'll never forget all the times Jennifer H. told me that I
was an inspiration to her, and that my faith made her have
much respect for me...she told me I was beautiful. I'd
never heard anyone say that to me.

I'll never forget the time Tess passed me a note in Bio 2
(after the incident with Sam) that said "Down with Sam I
am" haha:) She went on to tell me how stupid he was for
turning me down, and how he obviously doesn't know what's
good for him. It made me smile:)

I'll never forget the time Mandy wrote me an email and told
me how much she missed our friendship, and she wished we
could become closer...like we used to be. I wanted that

I'll never forget the time Vee and I shared the "pole
experience". We laugh about it now, but it was definitely
something that brought us closer together. It fell right
between us...she was right behind me, screaming my name...

I'll never forget all the hugs Travis Gabeheart gave me,
even though he almost sqeezed the breath out of me every

I'll never forget the time when Mandy and Travis were
sittin in Bio 2 tryin to think of a prom date for me. Mandy
wanted me to go so bad...and she was tryin so hard to help
me out...

I'll never forget Tyler and Johnny's handclap...or any of
the thigns they did together for that matter. I can still
hear Tyler's laugh...

I'll never forget the one night Tess, Lorri, Gabe, and
Travis stopped by my house unexpectedly to ask me if I
wanted to go out with them. Even tho they joke around that
it was only b/c they wanted me to drive...I like to think
they did it to be nice, b/c they wanted me to go. We had
fun...even if Gabe did grab the wheel a few times:)

I'll never forget the first time me, Tess, and Lorri went
up to Chillicothe. We were so pumped...and so happy that on
the way home, we sang our lungs out to "walkin on
sunshine". I'll never forget singing with those girls...we
were the Tenor, Alto and Soprano....

I'll never forget the time Ashley gave me a hug at
campfire. She was crying and she embraced me. I had never
seen her cry...and I had never felt her hug me...really hug
me. That's when I knew...that she was special to me. When I
told Ash that she prolly wouldn't have very much time to
hang out with me this year, she told me she would MAKE
time...suddenly I didn't feel so lonely anymore.

I'll never forget all those times I poured my emotions out
to Jen. Tellin her how big of a loser I was, and how
pathetic I am...only for her to comfort me, and tell me
everythign I had going for me. She always knew exactly what
to say to make me feel better. One time..she brought me a
whole baggy full of lemon jolly ranchers...I love those.

I'll never forget the time I went over to Amy's house...the day after
prom. She was laying in bed, in her cave:) And I just sat there in
the floor...and talked to her. Even tho I was upset over what she had
done, and I hated to see her like that...knowing what she had been
thru the night before. But, I sucked it up..and put my own feelings
aside, because she needed me. She needed me to be a friend, not a
parent, so that's what I was...a friend. And it felt good.

Last but not least, the one thing that I'll probably always
remember...because it meant so much to me. It was a month
before my Senior prom...and I didn't have a date. One day,
in TAG class, it came up that I was date-less. Gabe acted
surprised...I guess he didn't know...I thought everyone did
tho. He was quick to say "I'll take ya", and just like
every comment Gabe made to me...I took it as a joke, and
didn't think much of it. Come to find out later, he was
sincere...I couldn't believe it. "Gabe..wanting to take me
to prom? The same Gabe who's made fun of me everyday since
we were in 6th grade??" It could'nt be true, after all, he
already had a date...Lorri. It had to be a joke, and not a
very funny one at that. "No really, I'll buy you flowers
and pick you up and everything. I can take you and Lorri
both thru. I can even change my name the second time around
so that no one will know I went thru twice!" Ok, ya know
what? I was startin to actually believe him. Still a little
sketchy tho, I hesitated to accept. "I told my mom about it
and everything, she thinks it's a great idea." Ok, he told
his mom? Maybe he is serious! After days and days of beggin
me to let him do this...I agreed, but only on one
condition...no Grand March. I dunno...I just woulda felt
stupid, like Gabe was my "pitty date". So, he said ok...and
I felt better. Even tho I would'nt getta go thru Grand
March...I still had someone to take me to prom:)
I do'nt think Gabe knows...to this day...how much that
effected me. It was honestly one of the nicest thigns
anyone has ever done for me...and I still hvae a hard time
believing it was Gabe who did this amazing thing:) haha
Nah...he's a good guy, and I hope he knows how much that
one little "favor" meant to me...I'll always remember that.
I do'nt think I ever said Thank you....Thanks Gabe.

These are just a few of the acts of kindness my friends
have shown to me throught the years. No matter what kind of
problems we went thru, in the end...my friends were always
right there for me.

"In my heart I'll always keep a place for you for all my
life. I'll keep a part of you with me, and everywhere I am,
there you'll be."

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