"The Day Maggie Blew Off Her Head"
2001-08-19 03:32:59 (UTC)

Crimson Dragon

Her eyes are dark green with golden flecks. Her body is
lithe and graceful. And her hair... her hair is crimson

I went to the mall the other day and bought a ring with the
intention of giving it to someone else. It has a dragon on
a red background. Don't get me wrong- THIS IS ~MY~ Ring -
but... I want to give it to someone so they can give it
back to me... when the time is right.

I have this one major fear that I'll be forgotten.
Dismissed. Rejected. I fear not being remembered. Sounds
so silly but it's a phobia I can't get rid of. I guess I
just thought by buying it... whoever I give it to will
remember me. *shrug* Yeah... it is silly..