its my life
2001-08-19 03:32:44 (UTC)


ok well it was my gfs b day today i decided to give her a
ring that i thought would get a good reaction from her it
was at first meant to be a promise ring. but then i thought
about it and well i am only sixteen. so i told her to
promise me something else. to never let anything get
between us jealously and other stuff even though im the
jealous one most of the time. i had to make that promise
too. o well. i also gave her pajama pants and 3 roses the
ring had 3 stones see a pattern? well i say it means that i
loved her 3 months back ill love her now and ill love her
for the rest of my life. kinda cute huh?
ok well the thing is the day went better than i could ever
imagine we went over how we got together and since when we
had liked eachother. she liked me since i was goin out with
her friend and i liked her since i gave her a ride home
that night after the movies. she was all happy and she WAS
STARING AT ME. she never does that. so she said something
i never thought shed say let not rush home lets sit here
for a while. i was like woo hooo! so we made out for like a
good hour and she was all feeling on me and well ha ha too
hott fo tv! o well im out tired as my balls.