2001-08-19 03:20:05 (UTC)

Meh, not much going on.

We threw an emergency birthday party today :)
My family hosts international exchange students, and one of
their classmates is from Israel. Her name is Anna. Her
host family isn't really nice to her, and they kinda missed
her birthday yesterday, even though it was clearly written
on their calendar. So when she showed up on our doorstep,
my mom made her special crepes for dinner, and we bought an
ice cream cake and found a present for her :)
Then we rented a movie with Brad Pitt (her favorite) and
she had a great time.
I worked a long shift today at the cigar shop, so when Mom
told me what was going on (the whole party thing) I was all
tired and I didn't want to do anything. But I helped out
anyways, and we all had fun :)
I miss John. I saw him last night, but it's never enough.
We rented the Exorcist. Most likely the scariest movie
I've ever seen.
I never really watched horror movies when I was younger, so
this is a new thing for me.
John and I have this deal where we watch a horror movie
first, then a Mr. Bean episode (or two) afterwards to calm
me down. Because we got the Exorcist last night, I made
him rent Bean: The Movie. It was worth it.
I dunno, I guess the horror movies aren't that bad... they
do kinda give us an excuse to cuddle (tee hee, awwwww!)...
Anyways, I should hit the shack.
I didn't do much homework today (for my correspondance
course) or study for my piano exam (it's on Wednesday,
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) but I'm absolutely zonked.
Thanks for reading the oh-so-boring details of my life ;)
It will get better, I promise. :)