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2002-11-19 21:32:17 (UTC)

I didn't know meditaion could be anything like this...

Last night I was tired and I wanted to try that meditation
on colors thing again. I've realized that last time, I
think I really was in between astral projection. Cause this
time I heard stuff on the tape I never heard before. I
realized the exact spot I stopped hearing it.

The coolest thing about it though, is that once the tape
went over the seven chakras, I did feel them in a total
balance. I started not feeling where my hands really were.
My whole body just felt heavy. I felt as though my hands
switched places, and I knew which is right and which is
left, but I just felt as though I crossed my arms over my
chest, or turned over. WOW.

I felt so much energy right after. Right when I opened my
eyes, I was completely absorved with energy. I took my
power rock and layed down again, trying to drain some of my
energy to it, before I loose it. Hopefully it worked. One
way or another, it was real cool. Hopefully I'll do it
again today. Or something similar. Till next time...

(About 11/18/02)