All in the Night
2001-08-19 02:40:05 (UTC)

Why they call it falling

Wow, it's been forever since i've written in here. I
promised myself that i'd write everyday....i need to stick
to it. Everything just feels like it's falling apart. I
think that after tonight i've lost one of my best friends
(although this person argues that they really aren't one of
my good friends, i swear that they are). I hate to argue
with people, it's one of the worst feeling in the world.
OK so i didn't necessarily have an arguement with this
person...but we just left things on a bad note. Same
difference, right??? I mean we might as well have been
Anyways, i found out that my friend Patrick ( and no
not Craig) started smoking weed. I can't believe he's
doing something like that...I looked up to him, i really
did. Oh well, i guess its time that i realize that i dont
know my firends as well as i thought.
I got home tonight and my dad said that i had missed a
call from chad by only like 15 minutes. I had think he's
at school but i called his house anyways...nobody
answered. I really hope he calls me back. I knwo that we
really didn't start being good friends until the end of the
summer but i miss him.
Speaking of missing people, i just talked to mmy
firend Brittany (care bear). It's her first night at
Carolina :( I've known Britt since i was like 2 and it's
just wierd without her. I dont' know if i can take many
more of my firends leaving...it's too dpressing. I dont'
know hwat i'm going to do next year when we ALL go to
college... anyways, Amber is a bitch..she only uses people
to get what she wants...i'mg going to bed.