mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-11-19 20:26:55 (UTC)

latest update .....

well, lets start with feedback, yes i enjoy getting
feedback, but lets see..... sarah you seem to want a pity
party for yourself, aparently you have never had to deal
with severe depression and anxiety, even when you had your
cancer or when your parents died. You see, both my fiance
and i have survived cancer, and we have many other troubles
in our lives, and we both know that there are others who
are much worse off than we are, but at present we are both
having a very hard time dealing with our issues. This is
where we vent , where we take out frustrations out on the
world, something even our therapists say is a good thing to
do. we are both about to embark on another journy that we
hope will be taking us closer to wellness. We will both be
in partial day treatment programs in addition to our time
with our therapists and we hope this will be what we need
to succeed in getting our mental health back. This was all
precipitated by my taking an overdose of antidepressents
when i was looking to get a valium like tranquilizer effect
2 weeks ago. I am now out of work until my condition is
stabilized, I am now taking one day at a time, something
that i am definately not accustomed to. this is a very hard
thing for me to do especially at holidays, but i need to
slow down , reevaluate my life and its priorities, and
maybe get a new line of work. I enjoy being a 911
dispatcher, but now it looks like this job may be a big
source of my mental anguish.
Lisa and I are getting married on mon dec 30 , and at
moment i am tryin to get all the arrangements taken care
of, and things are lookin good. i am still havin mood
swings, but i am hoping to get back on medication next
week, and i hope that my moods will be getting better then.
I am hoping that everyone has a good holiday season, and I
will write more as needed......