And now for something completely dumb
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2002-11-19 20:24:47 (UTC)

They call me Trouble

Well, I was reading what I wrote last time and I left a
lot out. What I didn't write is that I took alcohol from
the place the formal was held. I don't even know why I
did it. As a result of my actions, I have been placed on
social probation for a year, required to pay for the
alcohol taken, and moving out till I am in good standing
with the chapter. The social probation part can be lifted
if I'm doing good in school and on my bill. And moving
back in with my parents will really help me focus. I've
kinda lost what I'm in school for.

To explain what social probation is, that means I am not
allowed to go to any party, function, and/or event put on
by a school or greek organization.

Some of the guys have said they felt that these things
were way to harsh. I don't. From what I've heard some
guys wanted to kick me out completely. The thought of
losing my brothers....I couldn't have looked myself in the
mirror. The extremists, 2 or 3 of them, were greatly
outnumbered. I was told that at least 6 or 7 others said
that if they kicked me out, they were going too. Its nice
to know that even after making a huge mistake, these guys
care that much for me. You can think what you want, but I
love these guys. These guys are not like family, they ARE

Now for some good news. There's a girl. She's

Song playin: White America by Eminem
Next person to call: Brad
Cigarettes thus far: 1
Stupid thing said/done today: Fell over the couch, want
to know more, get in touch with me.