the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-11-19 19:53:04 (UTC)


today has been good i got to eat lunch with micro and neil
and then i went to see my god daughter
she is so precious nothing but smiles to be that young and
innocent and yet have everything to look forward to in life
if she onlyknew how much life has to teach her and all of
us to be there
a new life its so wonderous i guess is the word im looking
for i mean its amazing there it is amazing that she ...i
dont know i cant put it into words but that smile she gives
everytime i look at her it brightens my whole world

children brighten my world you have a passion in life
that makes you your happiest well little kids are mine
as well as singing nothing else can put a bigger smile on
my face

if you havent found you happy thought ...take my advice and
look for it ....its right infront of your face guarenteed

love all