ton o galaxy
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2002-11-19 18:54:05 (UTC)

mmm no workkk..

well thank god i don't have to work. I was on a roll there
for a while. Definitely need to get a new job after 2003.
Anyway, saw Bowling for Columbine last night. Loved it. I
think there needs to be more movies based on this kind of
issue. I mean I can't beleive how much money goes into
movies like Coyote Ugly. There was about 11 of us in the
row and I felt like we were in high school or something.
All making jokes and laughing. it was good..
Before the movie we went to Chevy's for snacks. i ordered
a grande sized blue agave margurita. WHEW. Oh and I had
nachos. I'm on a NACHO ROLL...There was this HOTT office
looking guy sitting at the bar. None of my friends will
even look twice if you've gotta shirt n tie on(unless it's
vintage or something). But i saw him and burned
a hole in his back with my eyes he did a complete 360 to
see who it was. Not interested n me. But who ctares. I saw
something i LIIIKKKEd and so what if it's only in my
dreams...To make things even more interesting I went out to
smoke and he came out only seconds later and i though "oh
SHIIIT!" but he just glanced for a second and walked away.
It did make me hope that in some alternate reality we made
eye contact and fell in love. These are really my thoughts.

when i got home elimidate was on and i love watching all
those idiots reduce themselves merely by opening their
mouths. there is nothing better than watching a pretty girl
who can get a date pine after one of those moronic dudes. I
try to watch this show a much as possible.

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