Slurp on It
2002-11-19 16:29:04 (UTC)

Day 2... Tuesday, November 19th, 2002 10:09 am CST

Well hello all you groovy people who have decided to read
my online journal.. I've been up to the same ole same ole..
Right now I am just sitting here, still in the process of
waking up, being harrassed by those damn telemarketers. It
use to be hard being mean to them because for a short span
of about 3 weeks I was one of them! But I was
telemarketing something more important and useful...
security systems! But now it's not hard to do because I am
just so annoyed. These 2 damn places somehow got a hold of
my phone line thinking that its my parents and I swear to
Buddha they call about 7 times a day and I am sick of it
so finally this morning I tell them that Wayne and
Jennifer (my parents) picked up and relocated to Mongolia
for a missionary. I dont know if they bought it, but lets
hope. I have a couple things on my agenda for today.. all
part of the little job I do for my dads business. I just
started answering the phones for him and doing computer
work and Ive been running some errands for him ever since I
got a car.. So today I am answering the phones, then I have
to go to 2 banks, the post office, then check Brents skank
ass (my 11 y/0 brother) out from school and drive to the
edge of the world to the orthodontist. I think I should
get double pay for just that. Brent is just so stupid. Hes
one of those stupid people that no matter how hard you try
to get along with they just keep antogonizing and
antogonizing you until you want to kill them. I wonder if
I was that antogonizingly irritating when I was that
little? Im sure I was but thats beside the point..So
anywho thats all I am doing today as of right now. OooooO
tomorrow I am going to a concert.. It's a small venue. It
is at this place called WorkPlay.. and its really kewl.
Unlike the music hall where I normally go on the weekends,
WorkPlay has booths you can sit at and watch and its got a
smoking section, unlike 5 Points Music Hall where u have to
stand the whole time in a cloud of smoke. I forgot who I
was going to see.. On Thursday night I think I am going to
go to Tiki Bob's, which is a club but we will see how that
goes. I have to to go the mall at some point this week or
weekend and get Adam's christmas present.. I know of one
thing he wants that I am gonna get, but I like to give
suprises too so I am :) I wish I would hurry and get some
of the insurance money for the things Matt stole... stupid
fucker.. I really could use the money for Christmas
presents. Also I need to send in my money and schedule my
test taking for the SAT's... I think I am going to take
them in January. Has anyone taken them before? Are they
very difficult? I am always paranoid when I take tests
like that, but I always do well on them. Im sure that if I
would have cared earlier in H.S. and not flunked 3 classes
I would have graduated with about a 3.0 GPA. I buckled
down though in 11th and 12th grades and did well. But
theres no point in regretting it because whats done is done
and there is nothing I can do about it, but make sure that
I do my best from now on. Well I think that I am gonna
wind this down now.. so check back later for more!