lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-11-19 16:01:24 (UTC)

my pregnant mind

is fat full of envy lyrics. they run my
life. that's from "bathwater" by no doubt. good song.

soooo i had another pregnancy dream. every time i have
these freaky dreams, they get more vivid and more crazy
realistic and i'm like WHOA!! but every time i wake up
disappointed that i'm not having a baby...haha. this time
i didn't know who the dad was, but everyone else did. i
was waiting in the hospital to have my baby and everyone
kept saying the dad was gonna show up any minute...but i
woke up right as i was going into labor. weeeeeeeeird.

other than my psycho dreams, life's pretty good right now.
i'm not playing soccer. we've been doing a ton of stuff
for missions lately. meg's 6 months are up so we cruised
with her on friday night...pretty fun. while we were out,
i got an energy drink and now i'm pretty confident that i
have a caffeine addiction. wah ah ah.

on sunday, i had to babysit the randel kids for 6 30 bucks...hmm...but then i went to tierra
linda and saw all the guys so we hung out there for a
while...then we decided to go to my house, so we went to
blockbuster and rented the sandlot, but we didn't even
watch it...we ate grilled cheese and watched malcolm in the
middle...but whatever. it was pretty tight sauce.

then my grandma came over last night...she's sooo cute.
she started telling me stories about how much i'm like my
grandpa and it made me really sad...and i could tell it was
making my dad sad, too...ahh.