down in my eyes
2002-11-19 14:53:03 (UTC)

fall into the night.

him: where u go
me: huh?
him: where did u go
him: i lost u
me: wut do you mean??
me: i'm always lost...

Brian stayed up, 'n watched the meteor shower with me,
over the phone. His eyes were already searching the sky,
before i even had time to react. By the time i put
my shoes on to walk outside, he'd already seen one.

At first I was looking the wrong direction. I couldn't
see any. He'd already seen 2. He told me to
look north... I turned my head, 'n almost immediately,
I suddenly saw two in a row.
I decided to count up how many Leonids i'd get a glimpse
of, till the end of the night, the peak. While my numbers
kept adding up tho, he was on his way, driving home-
but, he couldn't keep his eyes on the road & the stars, too.

The 28th & the 32nd were absolutely the most Beautiful
stars I've Ever seen. The biggest, 'n most luminous.
All the while, i had on only a thin hoodie sweater.
It was getting too cold. I came back inside, at about
four o'clock in the damn morning.

I saw forty eight shooting stars. Brian saw three.

It's almost 7am & I'm still awake. The sun is rising,
but i still feel cold.

me: Brian... why didn't he catch my falling star?

him: Cuz, you let your tear drops fall.