Rach's thoughts
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2002-11-19 13:20:51 (UTC)

Evil Exams

They've put my exam on the last day of term! In the
afternoon! I mean come on! I've only got 3 lectures that
week, and one of them clashes with this stupid exam! It's
not even that important, well 1/4 of my grade in one
course. But I mean I was going to go visit S that weekend
and now I can't leave till about 6.30, cos of this stupid
exam. That means that I won't get there till at least 10,
then it's like almost time to go home. Gurr English laws
make no sence, you can drink on a Sunday morning but not
past 1am on a Saturday night!
Anyhow if I do go down it'll be fun, I think! I'd get to
meet all his friends again and be scared by it, again.
They're nice people I'm sure but do they have to be so old
and know what they're doing with there lifes and
I mean come on none of my friends know what they'll be
doing in a year never mind having a whole life plan set out
and knowing what they want from life. I mean take SC he's
not even meant to be in the UK never mind working here
quite happily as a director of a firm! God these people
probally wouldn't know how to have fun like we do. They
probally even are like straight sober people for most of
the time. Well actually at the moment I'm straight and
sober, kind of. I've just about come down from last night.
See what I mean! I'm still recovering and half these people
will have been at work since 7am! I got to bed at 4.

Anyhow I need to go eat,
Love and light