Disorderly Conduct..???
2002-11-19 12:50:17 (UTC)



Woohoo I juss got the unreleased verson of the Misfits
song "The Day The Earth Caught Fire" it's totally awesome!
I drove my dad insane( him and I are the only ones home)
listening to it 100 times yesterday....
I didn't get much sleep last night, i had a nice long talk
with my friend today...he was writing me letters for a
while and they started to get a little freaky, he started
saying things that he really shouldn't have, I mean I can
overlook most of it but..then there is some that just
me out a little...soooo when he called this morning (
I told him we needed to talk, like when I came in or
something.I felt so bad telling him I didn't feel the same
way about him I mean he's gotta be the sweetest guy I know,
and I
dunno i just
felt like a mean witch! Anyways he won't talk to me now, I
mean when
he left he's like "it's alright, I'm not offended it was
worth a shot
at least." and I told him i'd give him a call later and
that i was
really sorry. So i called later and he's like "oh ahhhh hi
Char, im
kinda busy and i really don't feel like talking"
ok ....fiiiine
whatever...I'm not gonna worry about it, I mean we've been
friends since the day I started working at the coffee
house, sooo maybe I can still have a semi comfortable
working relationship with him........if not..sorry Josh...