2001-08-18 23:45:31 (UTC)

and what happens when life turns upside down and inside out

Dear Friend,
The last I wrote Tim had called Kathy,his first wife,to
"tell her that he had decided to let their two children
spend a few weeks with her.When Kathy answered the phone,she
was pleased to hear from Tim.Since their divorce,she and Tim
had became friends not just for the sake of the children but
their own personal peace of mind.However,she was even more
pleased to hear Tim ask her,"How would you like two roomies
for a few days."
Even though Kathy was pleased that Tim was letting the
children stay with her for a few days,she was also a little
surprised by his gesture.A few weeks ago,when she had asked
him to let the children spend more time with her,he seemed
to heistate and then he said,"Kat,school will start next
week and...let me think about it.I will let you know
something when I drop the kids off for their next visit."
While her and Tim were friends,there old wounds not healed.
When Kathy had married Tim,she had been 18 years old and 8
months pregnant with their daughter,Savannah.Tim was 28,ten
year her senior and from a much better family than Kathy.For
the first three years of their marriage,Tim had let her know
he had did her a favor by marrying her.Tim's parents and
sibling had voiced a like opinon of her.Even though she was
the mother of his two children,Tim believed he was better
than she was.Even when she had graduated from Ole Miss with
honors,she had been reminded by Tim and his family that "If
it had not been for Tim and our money,you could not have
done it."
Kathy could still remember the shock on Mrs.Miller's
face,when she told her mother in law,"Mrs.Miller,I do not
want to hurt your feelings but Tim did not pay for my
education.I earned a scholarship because of my test
scores.And I had to take out student loans to buy me a car
and pay for day so I could go to college."
Kathy shook her head at the memory of her past.Yes,while
she and Tim were friends,there were still old hurts not
talked about like perfect Megan Walker Miller,Tim's second
more socially acceptable wife.Kathy knew Megan much better
than Tim.When Tim had told her he was marrying Megan,Kathy
almost laughed in his face.Megan was an addict and she was
still using.When Kathy had said as much to Tim,he reacted in
anger and said that Kathy was jealous and wanted him back.
That had bee