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2002-11-19 10:18:34 (UTC)



Another thing. The other week, when we went to see 8Mile
on the day it came out. They strictly said that PARENTS
had to not only buy the tickets but go into the movie
theater and watch the movie, if it was an "R" movie.
Now, they said that it was the government and all this
other bullshit, and that they've had this "law" for like I
don't how many years they said. What I'm wondering is why
the fuck do they strictly do all this parent bullshit when
it's a fucking EMINEM movie! There's been thousands of
other rated R movies that have came out in the past 20
fucking years, much worse then 8Mile, and they didn't give
a shit. A person 17 years of age or older had to buy the
tickets to be able to watch the movie.
On Friday night, my brother(18), and his girlfriend (also
18) took me, nic, and my best friend Alecia to go watch
the movie. Considering they were older then 17, they
*culd* have bought the fuckign tickets. At least for them
fucking selfs.
I don't know about you other people, but I think this is
about EMINEM. And personally, I think that's extremely
stupid! I mean why wouldn't they do something like this
when the American Pie's came out? When American Pie 2 came
out, my brother(The same one that took me and my friends
to go see 8Mile) took me to go see American Pie 2. He was
17 at the time. Why didn't they card him? Why didn't they
tell us that a parent had to not only buy the tickets but
go in with us? *They said that the law has been around for
how many ever years they said it's been around for* So,
yeah. I believe this is all on EMINEM, and I think it's
not fair!! ITS FUCKING STUPID! I sure would like to take
this one to the government and shove it up their ass!