Jenn on Truth Serum
2001-08-18 22:51:26 (UTC)


Well,well,well. My first entry. Now I'm left with the
choice of adding some nice,unnessecary personal
information. I'm thinking the answer to that is no.I
suppose I could start of with something a little reflective
of my background though. I hail from a wonderful little
town in Birmingham,Alabama. The name? Moody,quite
appropriately,and I am starting to get used to it. What I
am having trouble with now,though,is the PEOPLE. Stubborn,
predjudiced,(that dosn't mean entirely racial),and bible-
thumping fascists....did I mention that state of ignorance
is slowly infiltrating the country....I mean look at our
damned president!!!!!!In two years women will be back to
coat-hanger abortions and sitting on sofas changing diapers
all day. Preservation of the traditional family indeed!!!!
But as I was saying, the people here are different than
those of the North. I'm not saying that's a bad thing.
People everywhere manage to disgust me. But the South is a
new kind of disgust than the North. Not the lesser of the
two evils I would say, but it IS pretty here.