Allys Life
2001-08-18 22:14:12 (UTC)

End of summer

Well, this summer has been unlike any other. Instead of not
doing anything by hanging around with friends, I have not
done anything mostly, except work.
Everytime I have a free minute, my friends dont, and it
sucks. Of course I am very happy that I have gotten to
spend a good amount of time with Ashy. Obviously not enough
time, but a good amount.
I tried out for volleyball.. pure hell. All it was was
conditioning. Ok I take that back, I went the first day. I
didnt go back after that.
My mom keeps telling me not to let me not playing
volleyball effect me. i am not going to . I dontthink
anbody relizes just how differant it is this year compared
to last year. I went into to padua thikning that volleyball
was the only thing that I would ever do, and not even
thinking about all the other things that there are to get
involved in at skewl. Besides, I will probubly play CYO
league with Klosie, and I am starting to think about
reffing it. I was thinking about it before, and never
actually got into the idea, but tis a definate possiblility.
Anyway, i dontthink anything is going to get in the way of
this year.. well I hope not...