Al P.S. Tacos Rule
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2002-11-19 06:13:08 (UTC)


Mom kicked me out, screw her. Beeyach. Ok this is gonna be
short, full of cusses and such, so uh yeah. I dont feel
like typing but i decided to since i hadnt updated in
awhile. i tried telling serax i missed her, but she just
talked to me for 5 seconds and left. gah why do i like her
anyway? stupid bitch... bah ok i dont really think that.
but i SHOULD. uhhh, oh yeah, jess's bday is today. was
gonna call her but, my stupid ass mom and blah blah i dont
feel like talking about it. i cried for like 2 hours over
that crap, i dont wanna again. cuz its just lame... and
yeah. am i making any sense? no? ok ill stop.

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