Pebbles life
2001-02-01 19:24:07 (UTC)

Today I went to try to enroll..

Today I went to try to enroll in school. But East lawrence
told me that I lived in Speakes district. So they let
Christal out of school to take me to speake. But they told
me that since i was so far behind then I could take Adult
Education and graduate in 2 years. There is only one
problem with that and that is that i will have no way up
there and back cuz i got my car taken away from me because
of my exboyfriend(its a long story). I dont know what i am
going to do now. Because the more days that i miss the more
behind i get in my classes. I just dont understand why they
dont just enroll me and let me start going to school. While
I was up at east lawrence they told me that they could give
me 1/2 credit classes that are the 9 week classes and i
would have 2 credits. and then next year send me to
alternative school for 1/2 the day and then tech school for
1/2 the day that way i could get my GED through the
alternative schooling and be able to start my career and go
to college through the tech scool. i like that idea, but i
dont know what they are going to do now that i dont even
know where i am going to start school. I feel like I am
putting way to much on my dad and i dont think he can
handle it. he already has alot on him about brandon.
brandon has really got to my dad. my granny told me that my
dad told her that he is afraid to go to sleep at night cuz
he doesnt know what brandon will do to him while he is
asleep. brandon is just that type of guy, he would probly
burn the house down and smile about it. he will be in
prison one day and then my dad will be able to rest with
ease at night. but i also feel like i am having to put so
much on my dad and i am not sure that he can take it. i
want him to know that i do love him and i am sorry that i
am causing so much trouble. i talk to my granny all the
time and she says that dad tells her that i am doing really
good and he is just stressed out about brandon. he also
told her that if it wasnt for pamela then he would tell
brenda and brandon to pack their stuff and leave. cuz he
just cant take it. well i will go now and i will write
later if i find anything out about anything.