Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-11-19 05:46:31 (UTC)

Oh Boy. What did I do?

Ok, so yeah, me and Matt are definitely doing good. I love
that boy. He just makes me so happy. Last night he told me
that he can sit in class and look around and he'd just be
sitting there smiling fer what appeared to be no reason at
all when in all reality, it's the best reason he's ever had
to smile.
Last night fer some reason i let my matt talk to my ex matt
and my ex matt asked my matt if it'd bother him if he took
me to prom. My matt said that it would because I'm his
girlfriend and it's not that he doesnt trust me, it's just
that i'd be going to Prom with another guy. It makes sense.
I'll probably not go with ex matt and i'll only go with my
matt if we're still together.