Little Garcia

Guardian Angel
2001-08-18 21:02:29 (UTC)

The first visit.

{sorry but I can't find that short story I wrote but

When Nick and I broke up. things got hard for me. I mean I
couldn't be mad at him. It was his own personal reasons why
he doesn't want us to have THAT type of relationship. I
mean hey, we ARE friends still.

But still. I had strong feeling for Nick. Some he'll never
know about.

i didn't really talk to him for a couple of days...then forth.
Then I found out we are going to the same concert over th
emarch break!
Perfect Circle. yeah *drool*
I couldn't wait to see him again. But this means that I
have to skip the show in Oshawa that I really wanted to see.
Fine enough. Anything to see Nick again. i just have to
keep on reminding myself that he is NOT my boyfriend. It
seemed like that at times. I mean I wasn't in denial I just
though about him so much like I did when we went out.
Well I saw him there alright. I saw him with another
girl....but they wern't doing anything. So what doesn't
matter. Even if they were it's still fine....
Yeah keep telling yourself that bullshit. You know you wish
that could be you.
I ended up telling Nick that I had to go find my friends
cause they had my medication and I needed to take it.

BULLSHIT!!! you never knew I knife could stab you on the
inside out all the way through to outside...
The whole concert I was sooo depressed. But still never
managed to stay mad at Nick. NEVER!