Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-08-18 20:35:22 (UTC)

you are all stupid people

all the people who write in this journal thingy and read
other people's diary's and NEVER make feedback are stupid.

Maybe i'm just boring and don't deserve feedback. oh well.

okay, Mike is comtemplating ways to be immortal, because he
doesn't like death, becasue he watched his grandfather die
yesterday. um... i wanna die. not in a suisidal way or
even in a depressing way, but i figure what begins must
end, and i always work toward the end, i like the end
better, planning always for the end. I want to be dead. i
don't know what will happen when i die, i just think that
it will be different from life. i like change, different
stuff. i want to die. not now, but then again i don't
really care. I heard somewhere that no one can escape the
fear of death, but i'm not afraid of it, and i even welcome
it, but i will never again go looking for it. when death
comes i will be willing to go, and that's the truth.
immortality has always scared me... what if i turn out to
be immortal, that's my fear. wow, i really am the exact
opposite of mike. wow.

well, enough morbid talk.

i love dustin.

peace out... caroline j.