Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-19 04:26:20 (UTC)

more bad days....

Having no car I think honestly does translate to having no
life. I need a life(car) again soon. I spent the night with
friends last night woke up and got dropped at my dads work
where we decided to chunk my car but which also gave way to
a new delima.... what am i going to drive when i have no
money! We came up with a few idea which i hope 1 of them
comes true. then i went home made dinner with the sis and
ate with my dad and grandma....then left for band practice.
I get there and wait and wait and wait finally I call Matt2
and he says band practice had been cancelled and that they
had tried to get in touch with me which would have worked
except my cell phone was dead. So Katelyn came and picked
me up we watched some tv and then John Ladd took me home I
left them my last $3 for gas and i also realized I ledt my
mail at my parents house which included important work
documents. CRAP! Oh well i am home now and tlaing to a hot hopefully life will get better soon...pray for