My Spiritual Journal
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2002-11-19 04:26:11 (UTC)

My Prayer

MY PRAYER – October 2002
by Robert Porter
(Given to me by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit while
going through a personal storm which caused me to be
separated from my church and family)

Lord, make me the kind of parent and husband You want me to
In character, in actions and will.
For You are the potter and I am the clay.
Let Your purpose in me be fulfilled.
God You made me.
You saved me and that makes me a person of great worth.
Help me, Lord, to be honest and true;
In all that I say and in all that I do.
Give me the courage to do what is right.
And let the world see in me, Your shining light.
And let that light shine everywhere I go.
So the world will know You are a God of love.
God, thank You for transforming my trials into triumphs.
Search me, for You know my anxieties;
And remove any ways of wickedness inside of me and lead me
in the way of righteousness.
Teach me to share with others the comfort You have given me.
Lord, let me experience the healing touch of Your grace
which makes wounded spirits whole.
Let me allow You to control my intentions and desires.
Let me allow You to give me direction.
And Father, as I follow You by faith,
Help me to learn each day how to please You in all that I
Lord, please show me the sins, that I do not see,
So that I can confess them to You
And from those sins be set free.
God, help me to be afraid of disobeying You.
Let my desire be to bring to You the highest praise in
everything I do.
You alone can make me fruitful
For without You I can do nothing.
Lord, correct my vision so that it’s not distorted and
craving sin
And that by Your Holy Spirit, the truth may shine within.
When You speak, let me hear.
Give me a spirit of peace in the midst of a storm
That I may have rest and quiet within;
For You are my refuge and my strength.
Let me learn to trust in You
Because You give me inner peace and joy beyond compare.
Lord, help me to love in both words and deeds
And to reach out to others.
Lord, put a burden in my heart for my family, my friends
and those who are lost in sin.
Thank You, Lord, for filling my heart with a steadfast hope
And giving me faith and love.
Through Your Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
Father, teach me what is right
And enable me to do it!!
By Your wisdom and power let me continually do the right
Lord, let me not stand in Your way as You finish the work
You started in me.
Be my Lord! Be my Master!
Remove from me those areas of my life that I have
stubbornly held on to.
Let Your anointing be on each word I speak,
On each song I sing, on the music I play and on my ministry
of helps.
Lord, I pray that my ministry gifts would blossom
And that You would remove every stumbling block, every
hindrance that has been blocking me from serving You.
Lord, I pray that I would not lash out in fury against
those who try to help me
And I thank You, God for those who see beyond my behavior
and are sensitive to my hurt.
To those who respond with love, who respond with agape
Those who draw me close and lead me to You;
You who can heal my broken heart.
Yes, You O God, who knows the fear and brokenness that lies
You, who calms and soothes a troubled soul.
And Father, I pray that I would also be able to avoid
foolish and ignorant disputes
Knowing they generate strife.
Let me never ever let life’s circumstances and situations
Cause me to stop seeking You or to lose hope.
For You are my hope O Lord God
And finally, Father, let the words of this prayer not just
be empty lip service
But let these words take root in my heart
And let me not forget this prayer in times of weakness

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