One hell of a life
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2002-11-19 04:11:12 (UTC)

11-19-02 entry seventeen

Today Lois came back to school...yeah they found anna lol.
Well Nik's flight leaves in 55 minutes!! So we called him
on the phone at our break, and said bye to him, it was
funny but it was also pretty sad...Lois is gonna send a
notebook back and forth from england to here, with letters
and pictures in it. So she can keep in contact with Nik.

But she said good news is that he's probably coming back in
january or februrary...that's not so far away.

Oh, I dunno why but I just remember when he drank out of my
root beer...his face was like, "ugh!" He hates rootbeer. I
don't know why I just remembered that.

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