Inside The Mind Of A Bytch
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2001-08-18 19:48:43 (UTC)

~AbOuT ThIz ByTcH~

Well halloz..I just found thiz *dIaRyThInGi* and i aint
that happy with it cuz *yOu* cant ChAnGe ThE CoLoUr oF YoUr
tExT..Im not happy gonna keep thiz for now and then see if
i can find another diary site...blah YuP YuP I kNoW Im A
WeIrDo YaY..anywayz ReAlLy Im Just a GuRl..called NiKki who
is a bit of a *bItCh* but its all GoOd Cuz *I DoNt cArE
WhAt PeOple ThInk AbOuT mE YaY*..Im from Scotland/Glasgow..and im in
my last year of school YaY..I dont have a boy friend but im *lOoKiNG*
BlAh..if you havent noticed im a bit of a ChEeCkY but its all
good...it would maybe be good if *yOu* pressed the lItTlE x at the
top of the page cuz i WoRnEd YoU..AnYwAyZ..it maybe would be good if
*yOu* didnt know *ThE TeAzE* OooOh YoU AlL WoNdErInG WhO ThE TeAzE iS
WeLl HaHa ItZ mE...BlAh...Im A TeAzE..YuP YuP..well anywayz i skim on
about me im sure you al really wana know about *mE*..i have light
brown hair..touch a blond...blue eyez...slim..wee bitti of a
tan..blah..fit..not to tall..OkIeZ..really thats what i LoOk
lIkE..well think about me..lolz...

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