2002-11-19 03:36:08 (UTC)

Been to the doctor today...

I went straight after school. Doc didn't remember me since
last time I been there I was a freshman. So I told him I
wanna get off depakote. He said sure. Now I gotta split a
pill and take half every 12 hours. If I don't have a
seizure within that time I can get off. If I don't have any
seizures afterwards I'll be off my drugs. If I do, I
prabobly get back on for good. It's a risk I'm willing to

This might just be my official shortest entry. But that's
okay cause it's the third one for today alone. So, since
I've got nothing to say, and Teresa's on I'll cut it short.
Hey Cathy walked in. I'm kinda tired besides all that. I
have 2 tough quizzes tomorow, and I gotta memorize 12 lines
from a shakespearean monologue, (lady macbeth reading
macbeth's letter,) studying just won't happen. I gotta