No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-08-18 19:46:29 (UTC)

i know this is what was meant to be

hey! i went and saw Rat Trap with Jessica, Daniel and Jon.
Yeah it was alright. Didnt have very much fun. It seems as
though Jon likes me and i dont like him. its messed up. But
i went tot he mall with Jessica today..we had fun. I am
getting sick, that really sucks. I had to do cadet
challenge in JROTC. that is where we ran trakc, did dit ups
and push ups and bars. I did well but felt awful. i shot my
knee out while doing it but i am fine now. i can at least
walk. well, i think thats all i have been doing. here is
another one of my crazy poems.

How do i feel?

I feel taken, yet I'm single,
I feel lost, yet i'm headed in the right direction,
I feel used, but i know i'm apperciated,
I feel laughed at but see only kind smiles.

I feel hated, yet i am loved,
I feel scared, but I'm secure,
I feel hunted but i'm the hunter,
I feel broken yet i am in one piece.

I no longer know what to think or feel.
I no longer know how to remain calm,
I no longer feel as though i belong,
But i know this is what was meant to be.