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2002-11-19 03:24:08 (UTC)

About yesterday 11/17/02

I went to that religious group finally, and it was fun. I
felt such power when the group started singing. When we
reached out our hands it especially reached me through the
finger tips. Dad said I might just become one of
those "Darkin" people that put their hands on the heads of
people to make them flip and start talking in
uncomprehendible tongues. I wish. I did feel it, and felt
like lying down. I felt my body getting heavier and
heavier. It was great. I really wanna go again.

Let me explain if I haven't before. The "priest guy" who
changed my dad from a gambling alcoholic, to a family man,
also got him to go to church and join this group along with
mom. I heard about stuff they do there, only from a
different source and about a different group, but it's
basically the same thing. It's a group of highly Christian
people. I'm glad we know these people now cause they don't
care how bad you sing, just as long as you sing. I'm not
saying I'm turning back to Christianity, cause I definately
am not. These people do appear close minded, but I don't
really know them yet. Besides, I'm not the only rebel in
the group. The preacher guy does new age stuff, and that's
against what they stand for. So we respect them, we just
don't tell them thar our beliefs are more open. This guy
was an atheist once. He doesn't know though, that I'm a
witch. No one does. I'm glad. (Which reminds me, I'm
planning to do the spell starting on the 1st of December
going on to the closest full moon. The 3rd of December.
Hope all that goes well, cause I need it real bad.)

Okay, so basically what the group does is sing, they have
some reading sometimes, people talk about their experiances
of seeing god at times, or knowing he is helping. The thing
that attracted me there at the most was that sometimes they
do this thing, where a chosen three go around to people
babbling these weird things that not even they understand.
It just seems like the thing to do at times. So they put
their hands on peoples heads to give them the energy, and
sometimes people fall. They start twitching and shaking on
the floor, babbling these crazy things for about a minute
or so. I haven't seen it done yet, but I can't wait.

There was this cute guy there as well. He came with his
mom, and that was cool. Hopefully I'll get to talk to him
and find out what he's like. I've been hearing that alot of
youth does drop by to that thing. Hopefully this youth is
the kind I'm looking for. That don't do drugs, are nice,
friendly, fun, and hopefully, like me, are a little more
open minded.
(Oh yeah, when we got home, my parents said that, that guy
was looking at me when I itroduced myself. I tried not to
blush when they told me, but I wasn't looking at him at the
time. Besides, he might just have been paying attention to
what's going on. He wasn't new though so I don't know his
name. Darn, maybe next time. Can't wait)

Signing off again