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2002-11-19 03:07:13 (UTC)

Lane Tech to win concert?

It might just happen. 94.7 the zone is doing this contest
where a school can win a per rally where some 3 popular
bands will be performing, and donate 5 grand to the
school's arts and music program. (Makes me want to be back
in the art program.) So far we are in third place. I think
our chances will highly improve. I'll say why I think so
later. First let me explain the rules for those unfamiliar:
Students need to send post cards, or index cards, hand
written, with their "phrase that pays." (It's practically a
way they can insult other radio stations and get away with

Now our chances will prabobly improve since my friend
alone, has been writing these things all weekend, and she
herself, out of over 4 thousand students has written 1,800.
That's like one for almost half the school. This is an
awful waste of paper. I don't care much for the bands
playing, but I do want to go to a concert, I do want our
arts and music program to get 5 thousand dollars, and the
spirit of competition is upon me.

My theory is: Each division should write these things out,
all throughout the advisory period, and/or even atleast one
per student each day during division, and to collect it at
the end of the class to be sent out in bulk. This would
ofcourse be added up with the ones done by students for
extra credit, just for the spirit, and/or during other
class activities. We'd rack up those post cards in a jiffy,
and win even faster. Maybe organizing it like that is
against the rules though. I don't know, but it's a good
idea I must say. hey hey! Chow!


P.S. Teresa, how the hell are you?