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2002-11-19 02:49:30 (UTC)

What a day...

I completely slept in this morning for some reason and
missed my 11am computing practical. I went to bed quite
early too, bloody weird in my opinion. Must have had 9
hours of sleep at least. I didn't even take any sleeping
aids or anything.

Anyway, after waking up a little before 12, I had a shower
then went into town to buy Dancing Stage Party Edition for
the PlayStation. Definately better than Dancing Stage
EuroMIX. Has over 50 songs. Quite a few from DSE are there
but there are quite a few original and varied songs to
choose from. Problem is there is no way of choosing a list
of songs from the whole game to play in Consecutive Mode
and you can't choose what character you want in Workout
Mode. I want to be Emi!

An unexpected visit form Sarah McKeown took place about an
hour after I got in form town. She called out of nowhere
and said that she and a few of her friends were heading up
to Stirling and wanted to see if I could hang out with
them. So met them. They were called Anthony, John and
Kirsty. Went to Studio for a while (as in three hours)
with them, got to know them a little bit. They all seem
cool. Heard all about some bloke called Alan who's
apparantly a total dick. Kirsty wouldn't shut up about him
for more than a few minutes. He's been Anthony's friend
for years and he has a messy house. Good for him.

After getting back to the flat, played some Dancing Stage
Party Edition after having a small dinner. Then I became
ultra tired so I had a quick shower then went to sleep
about 9.30pm. Woke up at 12.15am then did my laundry. A
lot of my clothes are still wet. The driers are total
balls and I will robably have to hang them up to dry in my
room after the cleaners harrass me tomorrow/later.

Found out about an exhibition going on in Ediburgh about
computer games. It ends on my birthday February 2nd so I
have plenty of time to go visit. May do so when exams are
finished, so long as money isn't too much of a problem.
I'm getting tired now, I may go sleep soon.

Till next time Space Kittens!

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