2002-11-19 01:07:53 (UTC)

First Entry

Oh Lord, the first day of this damn diary thing & im
talking about Hallway already! (lol!)if you knew who
Hallway was you'd be talking about him too. I had a good
day at school today, except for when Hallway handed me his
nuts! ( some little nuts as in peanuts!) Ashley thinks
she's fucking gothic! The bitch don't know what the hell
Gothic is, Orrin is stalking me. Robin said that her throat
is hurting! (ex-lax) (lol) Im going fucking crazy im 14 and
i want to work in lane-bryant, just because i fucking can!
uh.. yeah im crazy don't ask, i hate owls,but porn stars,
cats, crickets, and squirrels ! me & robin met tha fuckin
matrix like 2 saturdays ago. It was awesome.
10..min..later.....ya'll....(purple sunblock) Oh..by tha
way, Subway doesn't deliver.
~*~Amanda Allen~*~

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