a day in the mind of a drama queen
2001-08-18 16:16:19 (UTC)

no danny

cadence, devon, and i went to the freeze yesterday so i
could finnally talk to danny (dan--- whatever). well, he
wasnt there (figures) but i was so happy devon went. i was
not going to go if devon went, because i new he would screw
things up. but i totally misjudge him. hes not like that
at all. cadence thinks hes embarassing, and i guess he
would be to a prep. but im not one and hes not
embarassing. devon and i got along REALLY well yesterday.
it felt nice. in fact, he talked to me at least twice as
much he did with cadence. cadence always comes first when
it comes to guys, but i think devon is finally beginning to
realize how valuable our friendship is. maybe there IS a
justine and devon, but only as friends. or perhaps,
maybe, thats why danny didnt come... so i could be reminded
once again about how much i used to love him. perhaps
there is a justine and devon out there, not only as

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