Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-11-19 00:40:21 (UTC)

not so sure

aight so here i am, i dont kno wat the hell to talk about
(lol)i can see how no one will ever want to read this
diary, EVER. i kinda feel like a pretty damn borring person
to be with sometimes. sometimes i just wanna chil and do
absolutely nothin, but i'm to buisy to, god, i really just
wanna get away from evory litle thing in my life. were
going to florida for christmas break, me and my parents and
i'll bring a friend. i gt find someone i can get along with
for 2 weeks, lol. well i know i swore i wouldent but of
course ive been cutting myself again and i honestly dont
care. i'm gone..........