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2002-11-18 23:18:05 (UTC)

haven't been here in a while

i'm sorry this is only my seond tell the truth i
forgot abot this diary.fery handy feature that sends you an
email if you i triied to come in and wright but i
forgot my they sent that to me too :)
well to update you (even thouhg you don't know much about
me is that i have a new boyfriend that i am absolutely
inlove with.i think he's the greatest!he does somuch for me
in every way.last night i didn't get home till 1:00am cause
i was gone snowplowing since 4:00am so whe i came home he
was in bed roasting like an oven to keep it warm for me and
i got in the showr and then he got out of bed and left to
got to the store to get me hot chocholate and a bagle.i
thought that was so sweet considering he had to get up for
work at 5:30am.

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