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2002-11-18 22:47:41 (UTC)

blarney stone

so its frickin freezing. i wore three layers to school and
brought a sweatshirt in case that wasnt enough. darned 500
hall is always cold, too, but i wound up carrying my extra
three pounds of sweater around all day. meh.

two stamps for nhs. woo hoo.

i think ive met the ultimate bipolar. his name: well, i
dont know it, but im sure its something like john johnson
or emilio escargo or ilooklikeatotalfag. but anywho, back
to my point (of which there truly is none), he wears these
abercrombie t-shirts (which bother the hell out of me
anyways) and this totally ugly beastie boys cap (which
makes me want to strangle the boy). he has this super ditzy
girlfriend who i think would break if too strong of a wind
happened to blow while she was outside, and hes always
sucking her face in the middle of the hall while im trying
to get to my goshdarned classes. he looks like a total
creep, and his eyes literally bulge out of their sockets,
even at times when im sure his simple mind is at complete
rest. the reason why ive chosen this kid out of the rest of
ghs to bother the crap out of me is that hes everywhere,
and i do mean EVERYWHERE. hes like a conscience: totally
inescapable. everywhere i turn, there he is. this morning,
i go to turn in my stuff for a club, and there he is,
walking right in front of me, checking to see if the club
sponsor is at school yet. turns out she isnt. ok. fine. so
i turn around and go to my locker and, whats this? hes
following me. the little ass munch is following me. oh, and
look. his locker is just a few down from mine. how nice.
how great. maybe we can be jolly good chums and share
secrets and poke each others eyes back in place and... oh.
wait. no.

i cant feel my face or hands because the french doors are
wide friggin open and this house is all tile.

not too much else happened today. sorry for the rant. well,
actually, im not. i dont want to rant to mis amigos, or
else they would kill me, perhaps.

oh, and happy anniversary, dana and grego!