Inside Me
2002-11-18 22:34:37 (UTC)

Wild Day, well kinda

Well, SAturday one of my friends and I decided to go
shopping. Oh my word was that wild. I bought a couple
things, and she didn't want to write many checks so if she
didn't find a lot of things in one store she would put what
she had back, so I just payed for her, and she said she'd
pay me back, so that all worked out nice. LAter we got
hungry, so I treated us both to some food, and then later
she bought some drinks. It was so crazy. We passed thses
two guys, and they said good evening, they looked ok, as in
not weird or trying to hit on us type guys, and we kinda
just replyd basicaly back to what they said, but then later
we ran into them again, they held the door which was nice.
Rosanna and I were like this is getting weird..... so we
left right after we were done in that store. Ha! Then on
our way back I decided to call home and let my mom know
everything was fine, and we were headed back in the area,
since it was raining. We decided to stop at jenny's house
and chat. That was really funny. I was so wired a little
bit, because I had Mt.Dew. Then jenny gave Rosanna the 411
on the deal, and she's like well I dind't know. However,
she was getting a little wild herself. I bought some pretty
kwel clothes! I even got something at hot topic. It's not
all weird in there, they do have some kwel stuff. Which I
bought a tank top, that fits deciently, and it has roses on
the front. Now today was kinda fun and bad. I didn't keep
messing up with things, its just I was shakey or something,
or just not awake. It was so busy in there. We had like
small space because of all the boxes that were in there.
This one guy came in, and I'm like the usual, may I help
you. He's like smiley and what not, which made me wonder,
so we chated about what he needed and everything, and then
Bob went out and helped him with the rest of what he
needed. Then later on in the day some guy around the same
age came in, but he seemed ok, and his order was quick and
easy. In the back were all these strings on the floor, and
I kept tripping on them everytime I went back there.
Grrrrrrrrrr! There were these really cuts kids that came
in, but then they got really loud and got in trouble with
their mother. Oh yeah, a guy friend stoped by today,
George. However I was on the phone, and then after I hung
up, Bobs like pointing behind me, and I"m thinking he wants
like tap or something, and there's George like bam beside
me, oh my word I jumped and said something that sounded
like archie, and yeesh together. They both laughed at me a
lot. All well. I have to go erat now. My letter was
probably hard to follow, but hey I"m rushing and dind't
feel like being detailed or whatever. take care everyone