sammyboy Sam Al-Jafari

Sam Al-Jafari's Elective Diary
2001-08-18 13:41:40 (UTC)

Pissed off

OK, now I'm pissed off.
I spent half an hour on my longest diary entry so far and the
computers went and crashed.
Anyways, I woke up this morning and realised what I've
become - A TRAVELLER.
I looked in the mirror and there was an unshaven guy wearing
beads and rings, fake nike shoes, baggy linen trousers, fake
oakleys anda fake polo hat. Behind him were various materials
and trinkets. I can't believe that I've become one of those gap-
year kids who I used to laugh at. Hopefully this transition will be
short lived, and I will be normal on my return to the UK.
Today is my last day in Samui, and I fly to Bangkok tomorrow.
I've spent the whole day walking up and down the beach and
Last night I went to the stadium to watch some thai boxing. I
managed to get a ringside seat, and I don't just mean near the
ring, I mean I could actually touch the fighters. It was quite
entertaining watching men, women and children kick the shit
out of each other.
Afterwards I went for a quick drink and was propositioned by a
thai 'girl' with amazing breasts. There I was walking to the bar
when she blows me a kiss and says 'come to my room with me'.
Being unsure as to whether she was really a girl, I made my
excuses to her dismay.
Tonight,, I'm on detox, but I have promised myself that I need to
visit a go-go bar. It's quite a scary prospect walking into a bar
full of women quacking like ducks.
Another scary thing is that I've forgotten how to think. I don't
think that I've made a single decision in the last few days. I just
do whatever comes into my head. I hope I get my brain back for
Oz otherwise they won't be too impressed. Of course I haven't
even opened my Oxford Handbook of Medicine since I've
been here.
I'm very unimpressed with the poor effort that you have all made
with emailing me, so get your arses into gear.