kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2002-11-18 21:48:50 (UTC)


Good news. Well, maybe. Dave said he MIGHT come over
this weekend. He was supposed to go to Maryland, but
looks like he might be here. He said not to get too
excitied. I will try my best not too. It's not good to
get too excited over it.

It would be totally amazing if he did come though. I
can't wait to drink with him again. I'll just tell myself
he is not coming. Then it can be that much more exciting
if he does.

I told Cal that he was supposed to come and now couldn't.
It will help out with the surprise factor if he comes. I
still need to think up something to tell her to make sure
I can borrow the mattress from her. I'm sure she'll go
with my white lie and not ask too many questions.

I'm not going to tell a soul that he could come. It has
to be a total surprise for the girls. The best part will
be when he comes home with me...not Mandy. I hope Shaun
drinks with us. She'll have to pay attention to him and
can't spend her whole time flirting with Dave.

Mina might have broken her nose on Saturday. She got
elbowed while dancing. That sucks majorly. She said it
was swelled up till today.

She said a bunch of people are getting together the Friday
after Thanksgiving. She said Jason (my ex) is going to be
there. I hope John can come. I want him to be there so
he can meet my friends.

I have now borrowed Cal's mattress. She bought the
girlfriend coming over thing. I just have to blow the
dang thing up before he gets here...if he comes.

I actually expect something to come up preventing him from
coming. That seems to be how it works. He says he could
come and then it turns out he can't.

This is the first time he's planned to come and really
been serious about it. If he comes that's great. If not,
I'll live. I've already gone through the feeling sad
about him not coming. So if it happens again, oh well.

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