2001-08-18 10:00:17 (UTC)

8th another good day busy but fine

I guess Pat thought about it sohe called today and wanted
his mothers phoned # congradulations I hope he gets some
where he had better, thats all I can say.. everything seems
to be going just fine I have no complains of anything I am
not letting any thing drive ne letting what will be be .
talked to Breda she said she will give Michell the the
message for her mother to call Pat immediately
tomorrow ,she was away for work. Ha she is still working
meaning she can afford more than we thought more
often.Hopefully for Pat she will not be a cheap asshole.
she owes him good . But I am going to try and let him
fight fight his battles with her hopefully.but as long as
things are going along good here that is all that is
immprtant. and all that i want things too go well here and
all well here even thou we havent a pot to piss in.
happiness is what will count in the long run. and how you
fell and that Is going along okay so far